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High resolution in- / outro & complete video from the on stage presentation of the »University of Applied Science - Münster« at the »Profile-Intermedia-Fair« 2002 in Bremen. Get all informations & impressions from our fairstand and on stage presentation. Order CD-ROM now! But Attention! Language of the CD-ROM content is German!

Now online!
Visit for more informations & impressions. Or watch the »Intro« & »Outro« in LowRes right here. Website and In- & Outro-Movie by Sven Kils. In- & outro soundtrack by "Jean Michel".
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Output Magazin, Page & F(h)ocus
The exhibition »0705« at the »Profile-Intermedia-Fair« 2002 in Bremen is selected in »Output 06«! Further articles in »Page« Nr. 2 / 2003 and »F(h)ocus« Nr. 5 / 2003.

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