Online Portfolio 2005
Commercial and Cultural Works

A fine selection of commercial projects showcasing visual corporate strategies, as well as new projects related to culture and music which have not been featured in the 1st issue.
and Exhibitions

Discover what we're up to next and where else you can see some of our work on display.

Branding & Editorial
Object Carpet 2005
Axon Kitchenworks
Pro Systems
Kearney Rocholl
Leptien 3
Land Hessen
Centrum MRT Diagnostik
Insight Magazine
Signum Fashion

Lichtung - Magazine  
Music From The Moon
Some Time Ago
Berliner Klaviertage 2005 conference
more works in the first issue... 


VW Geneve 2005
Fraport / Frankfurt Airport /
Frankfurt Hahn Airport


Elias Maintal
Tidal Labs
Architectural Digest
Kohler Ideas
United Nations MDG Envoy
Birds and Monkeys
RIAS Jugendorchester
Atonal Berlin
Vanity Fair Best Dressed
Fashion Indie
Details Style Syndicate
Lucia Mayas
Ping Musik
GUCC Grafik & Film
Rudolph & Partner
Constantin Trinks
Pressel Müller Architects
Perfect Event
Rakuten Essential
Nimble Droid
Epicurious Community
Lucky Magazine Community
So Shiny
Music from the Moon (Flash)
Der Teufel trägt Prada
Axon Kitchenworks
DAM World Airport (Flash)
30elm (preview)
Ensemble Adapter
Danone Deutschland (4ft)
Danone Careers (4ft)
Danone Green (4ft)
Neue Musikschule Berlin
Marc Jacquemin (4ft)
Bahnhofsviertel Blog
Hypno Theatre
SDX AG (4ft)
Berliner Klaviertage
Science 4 Life (4ft)
Hammer & Associates (4ft)

Berliner Klaviertage
Hypno Theatre (Reykjavik/Berlin)
Ernst May Museum (Frankfurt)
Neue Musikschule Berlin
Percusemble Berlin; Tritorn;
MediaSaturn; Klett; Schwab;
Picta; IBH-FMZ; Science4Life;
more previews ... Ensemble Modern; Springerin

»Clearing - Dialogue in expanse«
  2004, Münster - Germany

»Computerlove Offline Exhibition«
  2003, Bruxelles - Belgium

»0705 - Profile Intermedia 05«
  2002, Bremen - Germany

Sven Kils Photography
Exclusive Edition

Spanning Iceland to Hong Kong, this captivating exhibition redefines our modern notions of wilderness and urbanism.


© Sven Kils

Debut Portfolio
Works and Projects: 2001 - 2004

Embark on a journey through a diverse range of cultural and music-related works, exhibitions, fonts, and engaging experiences showcased in our very first public portfolio.

Explore projects designed for EMI Records Spain, the Museum of Architecture in Frankfurt am Main, and the thought-provoking cultural magazine "Das Paradies," delving into modern emigration and its evolving societal impact. Step inside and join us!


© Sven Kils

References / Clients:
Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Klett, Fischer Verlag, Cointreau, Danone Deutschland, Messe Frankfurt, Ernst May Museum, Berliner Klaviertage, Neue Musikschule Berlin, Tónlistarskólinn á Akureyri, Ensemble Adapter (Berlin / Reykjavik), Constantin Trinks (Staatstheater Darmstadt), Fraport, VW, Land Hessen, Eurest, Axon Kitchenworks, Objectcarpet, 30elm, Leptien 3, Compass Group, Signum Fashion, Prosystems, Surface, Nordisk, Mountain Hardwear, Kearney Rocholl, Vier für Texas (4ft), University of applied science Münster, The Hypno Theatre, Percusemble Berlin, Emi Records Spain, Onetakerecords, Grover Records, GUCC grafik film ...

»Clearing - Dialogue in expanse« 2004, Münster - Germany
»Computerlove Offline Exhibition« 2003, Netdays Bruxelles - Belgium
»Profile Intermedia 05« 2002, Bremen - Germany

Awards & Support :
Red Dot Award, If Communication Design Award, European Design Award, Creative Agency Award (Top 99 creative agencies worldwide), DDC Award, Publikumspreis IN EDIT FILMFESTIVAL , Newstoday, Computerlove Bruxelles, Cartridge Hamilton, Design is kinky, IF, ffffound, Linkdup, k10k, Designtaxi, Styleboost, Digitalrefueler, R9005, Novum, Output Magazine...

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