what’s next

Web UX for the United Nations to get more help to those in need, Design and branding for Frankfurt Airport to catch the attention of busy flyers, An interactive contest for Vanity Fair that democratizes fashion, A web app for Kohler that ties commerce to inspiration, Advocate portals for Banana Republic to streamline operations and drive sales, Fair stand design for Volkswagen communicating the beginning of a new era, Online communities for TODAY Show that allow millions of viewers to contribute, A portfolio for Architectural Digest that doesn’t distract from prominent design tastemakers, Multicultural marketing campaigns for Western Union and Reisebank, Photography for Mountain Hardware that reaches new heights, Website and presentations for Barclays‘ Female Innovators Lab, Design concepts for German Museum of Architecture to better educate more visitors, Application design for Tidal Labs that solves data problem through UX, Online destinations for Condé Nast that turn readers into contributors, Branding & marketing for Anthemis to better communicate with investors, Satellite brandings and key-visuals for BASF top products, Web UX for the Community Health Roadmap to support funding for health services into communities, Web design for Harper Collins Romance that helps keep the spark alive, UX for Danone's purpose-led brands and products, Book design for Klett's re-invented school books, Print collateral for Hessen's Family Support and Childcare

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